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I ask, “What is the toughest addiction to quit?” The crowd responds in unison, “smoking.” I then ask, “Has anyone in this room quit cigarettes?” Sometimes half or more of the crowd raises their hands (this often means hundreds of people). I then say, “How many of you relied on treatment or a support group to quit?” Often, not a single hand is raised. I then launch into, “Gosh, let’s think about what we just learned. Among a group of people experienced with addiction, who have been addicted to more than one thing, and who treat addictions, you have told me that a majority of you quit what you regard to be the toughest addiction of all without formal assistance.” https://lifeprocessprogram.com/i-know-people-quit-smoking-on-their-own-can-alcoholics-do-the-same/ ; http://ragingalcoholic.com/stop-drinking-alcohol/
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